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Update 5-12-16: If you’re receiving this error and “Enable Java content in the browser” is already deselected, check the box, Apply, OK, uncheck the box, Apply, OK.v Cloud Director is a wonderful Iaa S addition to any lab, development, or production environment.When it’s working properly, it is a very satisfying experience wielding the power of agility, consistency, and efficiency v CD provides.However, like many things tech with upstream and human dependencies, it can and does break.Java Update did not complete Error Code: 1603 The usual tricks did not work. The fix in my particular instance was Option 2: Disable Java content (in the web browser) through the Java Control Panel.You’ll find the Java applet in the Windows Control Panel when a 32-bit version of Java is installed.On the Security tab, temporarily deselect the “Enable Java content in the browser” checkbox.Complete the 64-bit version of Java installation (launch the installer using “Run as Administrator“) and don’t forget to “Enable Java content in the browser” when finished.

As is the case often, what I’m documenting here is really more for my future benefit as there were a number of sparse areas I covered which I won’t necessarily retain in memory long but as it goes with blogs and information sharing, sharing is caring.

The starting point was a functional v CD 5.6.4-2496071 environment on v Sphere 5.5.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) my workstation isn’t one of them. In fact all version 8 builds exhibited this behavior.

I’m no stranger to Java and I’m more than willing to share my bitter experiences with it but rarely does my dissatisfaction stem from the installation process itself (that is if you don’t count the update frequency). It wasn’t until I rolled all the way back to a version 7 build that the installation was successful.

This blog post is for my future self as I’m bound to run into it again. For posterity, this spiceworks thread covers a lot of ground; there seems to be a variety of fixes for an equal number of root causes which all yield the same Java installation failure.

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