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Ashley greene and kellen lutz dating No credit card chat lines

WELL, I THINK THEY’RE A COOL COUPLE, BUT THEY LOOK LIKE JUST FRIENDS. Enjoy the movies people,just remember that the actors are just acting er its gonna be wierd seeing them like a couple because we are all so use os them being brother and sister. PS:i love kellan and ashley they are awesome I think this is great. They are characters in the movies, best friends in real life. ON THE OTHER HAND, JACKSON AND ASHLEY LOOK LIKE THEY SURELY HAVE SOMETHING GOING ON! WELL, I PREFER JACKSON OVER KELLAN, BUT ONLY TO BE WITH ASHLEY, BECAUSE IN GENERAL TERMS, I JUST COULDN’T CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM, THEWY’RE BOTH EXTREMELY HOT! so i think it will be a alot more realaxing if jackson played the part. If you watch videos on youtube, I mean Kellan and Ashley are great friends. Just because they play brother and sister in the Twilight sgag doesn’t mean that is what they are! Then i turned 15, matured slightly and realised how stupid the idea was. They are just best friends playing lover roles in a film. But like for instance Rob Pattinson, he gets to play another person in Remember me and is in love with the character Emilee de Ravin plays. Ashley and Jackson aren’t really together, neither is Kellan and Nikki. Dont get carried away.i grew up on buffy, and for atleast a season believed that Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz would eventually be/ were hooking up in real life. If you heard them talk about I, you would understand. EWW 4 MCORD GO WIF ASH OK PLIZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O NO OFFENSE TALOR U ROCK BUT JACOB SOMTIMES SUCKSSSSSS sure i guess they make a cute couple he’s hot and she’s beautiful i was just tinkning that maybe he’ll find someone a little better if he doesn’t hookup with her!!!! IM WITH U GUYS ALLLL THE WAY GO CULLENS CULLENS RULE JACOB SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSS i hate that he turns in2 a BIG HAIRRRYYYYYYYY WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO EDWARD CULLEN NO OFFENSE IM A HUGGE TWILIGHT FAN U GUYSS RULE!

Upon high school graduation, Lutz relocated to California to attend Chapman University and study Chemical Engineering, but left in order to pursue a career in acting.

Lutz had picked up a few modeling jobs as a teenager, but got his first TV break with a small role in Vaprad ja ilusad (1987) in 2004.

But come on, there were very few scenes in the first film with alice and jasper, certainly not enough to display real chemistry between the actors themselves.

ALTHOUGH I WOULDNT BLAME YOU IF YOU LIKED HER CHARACTER… I enjoy the twilight movies and read the books, (its my secret shame).

OFCOURSE I WOULD LOVE TO DATE KELLEN OVER ANY GUY ! It takes more than looking cute together to make two people compatible.

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