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X note-taking application”, as the author describes it, which is elegant, attractive, and powerful.The original application has inspired various forks, of which nv ALT is perhaps the best, and adds some very useful new features.In this article I’ll show you 10 power user tips and tricks to get the most out of nv ALT.

Alternatively, click the ‘View Source’ button to see the raw lets you find notes very fast, you may use certain notes so often that it’s worth putting them on speed-dial. Now you can get to this note at any time by typing ⌘1. To rearrange the speed-dial numbers, press ⌘0 to see the bookmark window, and drag the bookmarks into any order you like.

You can store up to 27 bookmarks; after the first 9, the hotkeys become ⇧⌘1-9, and then ^⇧⌘1-9.

You don’t even need to think about it - Simplenote just makes it so that your notes are up to date everywhere, all the time.

Although this isn’t a feature as such, you can ‘share’ a note from the Simplenote i Phone app: this creates a link which you can email to your friends and colleagues.

They then have read/write access to your note in their own Simplenote clients (including page, using layout hints in the popular Markdown format.

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