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Match 1: Daniel Bryan & Kane defeated Randy Orton & Sheamus Match 2: Santino Marella defeated David Otunga Match 3: Kelly Kelly defeated Eve Match 4: CM Punk went to a no-contest with Christian Match 5: "The Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay defeated Curt Hawkins Match 6: The Big Show defeated Primo Match 7: Mark Henry defeated the Great Khali We're less than a week away from Wrestle Mania 28, and this final episode of Raw before the big event is emanating live from Atlanta.Before the show began at 9pm, USA aired a one-hour documentary on Cena and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's separate paths to their Wrestle Mania main event.It was well-done, but nothing about it was "Can't miss." Especially because WWE aired supplemental packages all throughout Raw, detailing Rock and Cena's history. and Michael Cole -- our commentators for the evening -- work overtime in trying to convince us that Kane and Orton's rivalry has been building for months, (and isn't just them scrambling to address a lingering plotline involving two of their biggest main eventers).Bryan starts the match off with a good luck kiss from his girlfriend and the Atlanta crowd is disgusted.

It's all of WWE's most-hated non-wrestling personalities! The Smackdown General Manager arrives on the scene with his team captain, Santino Marella, and his official flag-bearer: Hornswoggle the Leprechaun (Within a matter of seconds, Otunga and Hornswoggle start fighting over flags meaning Guerrero has had this job for four minutes and she's already screwed up.

Santino lays out Otunga with the Cobra and scores a quick pinfall.

The four have an energetic match, but the crowd seems to be at its most enthusiastic when Orton and Bryan are in the ring.

During the bout, Lawler rightfully calls out Cole for his flip-flopping stance on Bryan.

The end comes when Randy (who just returned from a legitimate concussion) takes a nasty head-first collision into the ring post.

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