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That method no longer works for your bog-standard free account.if you’re a user of Google Apps for Business, Government and Education.These paid services retain Google Sync functionality and, as such, the old instructions remain valid.Subscribers to Google Apps also have access to support documentation with instructions for connecting Google Sync to various platforms.However, Google started to phase out Sync beginning January 30 2013.The company now relies on a different standard called Cal DAV.This means there’s a ton of now-outdated instructions for syncing with Google Calendar (and other Google services) that are no longer correct.

Find the Calendar you want to see in Windows and click on it, which will open its settings. In the page that appears enter the ICAL URL you copied under “Calendar URL” and then enter whatever name, color and charm (icon) settings you desire.

Near the bottom you’ll see a “private address” listing which includes XML and ICAL. This will make your Google Calendar visible in Outlook.com, the Windows 8 Calendar app and Windows Live Mail (which bundles a calendar for Windows 7).

Google Calendar is arguably the easiest, most intuitive and most versatile way to organize your day.

The only problem users commonly encounter is syncing it with their devices.

While this is dead simple when using Android, and easy enough to view in a browser on a PC, syncing with other platforms is not always so obvious. Syncing your Google account has become more difficult over the last year due to Google’s decision to stop supporting Google Sync for standard accounts.

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