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When I get back to America I'll being going on a camp where we'll be working out twice a day doing lots of sprinting and plyometrics (explosive exercises to help improve performance on the track).I can't believe how quick it's coming around'. Ford LONDON — There were no tears for Allyson Felix, and no capering around in celebration, either. Her gold-medal time of 21.88 seconds in the 200-meter Olympic event Wednesday wasn't a personal best in the stopwatch sense.Allyson Felix features in the Nike Training Club App. After a decade spent chasing the perfect 22 seconds, what she most needed to do was exhale. It was the culmination of a painstaking couple of years during which Felix tweaked and experimented and hunted for the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle she left out where she could see it every day, waiting to be solved.

Felix avenged her 2004 loss by winning the 20 world championships and was the favorite at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, but Campbell-Brown bounced back, and Felix once again had to settle for the silver medal. For the last four years, it's been at the forefront of her mind.

"I'm always thinking about it," she said recently.

Thank you, MR KNIGHT for changing the world and allowing me the opportunity to make some of my dreams come true.

~AF 'as a runner it's really important to run bare foot for strength.

I wear Nike's Free Run trainers which are a lot lighter and incorporate the bare foot running idea. You just need to know that your feet will hurt straight away, so you need to build up gradually'.

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