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Argentine Colts and Sistemas, 1914-1966 Part One BACKGROUND Argentina has been producing arms since the late 19th century and since that time has aimed toward achieving independence in the manufacture of military equipment.Between 19, 21,616 Colt 19A1 pistols were purchased from Colt by the Argentine Government.Between 19, another 112,494(*) 1911A1€™s, called "Sistema Colts," were produced in Argentina under license from Colt.M1911's In 1914, the Argentine military adopted the Colt M1911 as their standard military sidearm and contracted with Colt to supply these guns.These pistols were designated "Pistola Colt Modelo Argentino 1916.€ THE 1927 CONTRACT In 1923, Argentina adopted an armaments bill that would eliminate Argentine dependency on foreign arms. From 1927 to 1942, 14,000 €œSistema€ pistols (from €œSistema Colt,€ indicating €œmade on the Colt system (machinery)€ were produced at the Esteban de Luca Arsenal in Buenos Aires, S/N€™s 10,001 €“ 24,000(*), the serial numbers continuing from the Hartford run. M.), the €œMilitary Manufacturing Agency.€ Similar to the US Ordnance Department, the agency was run by the military and military officers managed the manufacturing plants.

THE 1927 HARTFORD ARGENTINE ARMY MODELS The 10,000 Hartford Colts made for Agentina prior to production of Sistemas were delivered from 1927 to 1933, serial #€™s 1-10,000." The production period was from July 28, 1927 to February 16, 1928. They were identical to US military M1911-A1 pistols except for 6 minor cosmetic differences, and parts were interchangeable.

Serial numbers were stamped in Colt€™s italic numbers on top of the slides, under the mainspring housing, and (usually) on top of the barrel. The differences were: a) the markings, b) the grips, c) a black oxide bluing, d) a sharp edge on the rear of the hammer, e) a sharp edge on the heel of the grip safety, f) indented checkering on the mainspring housing.

Argentina took shipment of 2,151 of these weapons between 19.

Among them were the following: 321 pistols received in 1914 marked MARINA ARGENTINA (Argentina Navy), S/N C6201 €“ C6400 and C11501 €“ C11621; 1000 received in 1916, S/N C20001 €“ C21000; 400 received in 1919 within the S/N range of C86790 €“ C116594. The battleships that were being made in the USA for Argentina received the Navy pistols directly.

Pistols delivered to Argentina went through the London Armoury Company. 19, 1913." On the right side of the slide is the Argentine Crest and: "EJERCITO ARGENTINO" "COLT CAL. 1927" €œEjercito Argentino€ is the Argentine Army, but some of the Hartford€™s were issued to €œPolicia Maritima,€ Argentina€™s Shore Patrol.

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