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Daisy de la hoya dating dave navarro dating ancient artifacts

Meanwhile ex, Tommy Lee is dating Daisy De La Hoya of “Rock of Love 2”.is reporting that Pamela has only told a few friends the guy’s name, and has a nickname for him, calling him Milk-Sheik, or Milk. Anderson visited Abu Dhabi in June for the Make a Wish Foundation, and met her new guy at that time.Sources state Pamela and her new guy were hanging out at the Abbey, a gay bar in West Hollywood. And Pamela has spoke of joining the royal family to build a hotel that is “ecofriendly” in the area.Pamela’s ex, Tommy Lee, has moved on to a new love as well!Tommy Lee is said to be dating “Rock of Love 2” contestant, Daisy De La Hoya. Daisy De La Hoya was seen with Dave Navarro several months ago. You can tell on the kids’ faces – they’re happy when we’re together.Back in June, Tommy Lee gave an interview to Rolling Stone saying, “Pamela and the kids have moved in with me. We’ve only given it a try 800 times – 801, here we go.” Too bad Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson can’t make things work out, they make a cute couple.

They weren't in an exclusive relationship, but they were having a lot of fun getting to know each other and seeing what would happen."Need more evidence that these two were romantically linked?

After the news of Haim's death hit the Internet, Daisy tweeted, "Why do I always fall for the lost soul?

VH1 reality star Daisy de la Hoya was rushed to the hospital yesterday after suffering a “possible overdose.” Friends called 911 after Daisy started “acting crazy,” and it took more than one strapping EMT to force her into the ambulance.

She’s been hospitalized in LA and her weekend appearances have been canceled. For those of you who haven’t memorized every episode of “Rock of Love,” here are the details on the latest lady to get her own dating show.

Pamela Anderson is secretly seeing a new guy, and he is a member of Abu Dhabi’s royal family!

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