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"That's probably because our first effort was to protect the children," the bishop said. The diocese's policy was developed in the aftermath of child-abuse cases involving former priest Rudolph "Rudy" Kos.Other parishes were lax about screening select volunteers and employees. James Catholic Church in Oak Cliff said it didn't screen nuns who routinely work with children. In 1997, a judge ordered the diocese to pay nearly $ 120 million in damages, which was later negotiated to a $ 31 million settlement."They work with the kids here, but we trust them completely. The settlement required the diocese to undergo an auditor's study of its ability to stop abuse, as well as to adopt the auditor's recommendations for at least one year.Grahmann would commit this week to making the findings public.

But if it isn't, we'll change that." In the wake of clergy sexual abuse scandals sweeping the country, the diocese has touted its 4-year-old "safe environment" policy nationally. But this week, Dallas diocesan officials said they weren't certain how effective the diocese's 66 parishes and 35 schools were in carrying out the policy.

The diocese has hired Praesidium, an independent company from Arlington, to audit each parish and school to find out. A final report is expected this summer, but neither the chancellor nor Bishop Charles V.

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Some Dallas Churches Not Checking Personnel Catholic Diocese Policy Regarded As a Model Firm Hired to Gauge Parishes' Compliance By Susan Hogan/Albach Dallas Morning News April 4, 2002 The sexual-abuse policy of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas is being hailed by U. bishops as a model, but some parishes and schools aren't complying fully, according to a random check of two dozen sites by The Dallas Morning News.

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