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It is important to underline that Italian furniture styles have changed along with changes in life styles.The underlying trend in life style, and not only in Italy, is towards greater simplicity and functionality.Rising costs of living, reduced availability of paid household help and the rise in women's away-from-home employment are all factors that have contributed to the quest for simplified and easy living arrangements and have resulted in changes in the style of Italian furniture. If we consider an Italian home that has been furnished in the last decade, this home would normally have a large open space divided into a living room area and a dining area.Wood, the traditional material of the past, is accompanied by newer materials ranging from metals such as steel and aluminum to glass and crystal, to plastics and resins.

Italian furniture exhibits all the characteristics of Italian design and style!

In Italy there are long traditions of furniture making.

Without going back to remote historical periods, suffice it to say that many currently existing furniture manufacturing companies began operating on a small or family basis in the early 1900s.

Today, the main furniture producing areas of Italy are the Brianza (a zone in the Province of Milan), the Veneto and the Marche.

Decades of experience have resulted in the development of skilled workers and sophisticated machinery able to turn out quality Italian furniture at all price levels.

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