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mid-season finale had love, heartache and..heartache. In the beginning of the episode, Nattie is caught off-guard when WWE Superstar Fandango asks how things are going with her husband TJ.She's so frustrated because everyone at work has been asking her the same questions and she's tired of it!Nattie gets emotional while telling Nikki Bella that she recently saw a divorce attorney with TJ because she feels that her husband doesn't love her anymore. Nikki then tells John about Nattie and TJ's marriage problems and reveals that she doesn't care about getting married anymore!Nikki is concerned for her friend and starts to wonder how it could have all changed in just one year since they got married. John is even surprised to hear her say this, but Nikki is starting to realize that there's no point in just having a piece of paper.Her family sees both sides in the argument, and her mom points out that Nikki's happiness is the most important thing.Brie doesn't want her sister to have any regrets and decides that she wants to go talk to John about it, and her brother agrees to accompany her as well.

In addition, Brie keeps bothering Nikki about the marriage topic. The morning of her wedding, Eva Marie gives her mom a card because it's also her birthday.

The wedding party meets up and hops onto a bus to head over to the wedding and makes a toast to getting into Brie Mode for the night.

Eva Marie and Jonathan go to get fitted for their upcoming wedding. She'd rather be happily unmarried than unhappily married. Nikki joins Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan for lunch and informs them that she no longer wants to get married!

Brie isn't convinced, however, and thinks that her sister is masking her true feelings...

A few days later, Brie and Daniel go to brunch with her parents, brother and sister-in-law.

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Brie decides to mention her concern for Nikki's sudden attitude change towards marriage.

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