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Some are silly, some are sinister, some poetic, some prophetic.The only rules we followed in rounding them up and ranking them were 1) no songs from soundtracks, since we’ve got that pretty much covered, and 2) one song per artist, or we’d be here (on the edge of) forever. [Ed’s note: Last week, a PR guy emailed about David Bowie’s new “A Reality Tour” live album.Me, being a huge Bowie freak, told him I’d do/say/pimp anything just to get in good with Bowie’s PR people.He asked me to mention the CD — which includes Bowie staples from his entire career, recorded during his 2003-04 tour — and suggested I do this during some kind of “Greatest Sci-Fi Rock Songs” list.It’s not called “Flying to the Heart of the Sun” or any other such soaring, heroic-sounding phrase.

Some artists dabble, some (like the makers of the Top 5 songs below) practically make a career out of it, but the combined allure and menace of technology, worlds beyond our own, and the unknowable future have produced an array of memorable songs, many of which can stand against classics of the genre in any other medium.

Below you’ll find 15 all-time-great entrants into pop music’s science fiction tradition, from virtually every corner of the rock landscape.

Well, selling out aside, this was a great idea for a TR list, and I asked music meister and fellow Bowie lover Sean Collins [seriously, check out his Bowie sketchbook] to handle it. Xoxoxo –Rob] The most misunderstood pop-song protagonist this side of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, the Purple People Eater is a perfect example of how Earthlings rush to judgment about our extraterrestrial neighbors.

So here it is, and by the way, go check out the album — it’s two CDs of Bowie hits for only $13, and it’s more or less a greatest sci-fi songs of Bowie album. If you listen to the lyrics, you’ll notice this one-eyed one-horned flying xenomorph is not a purple-colored eater of people, but an eater of purple-colored people. In all seriousness, this 1958 chart-topper represents the fusion of two cultural trends in ’50s America: The novelty song — see also “Witch Doctor” and “The Chipmunk Song” from that same year – -and the bug-eyed monster space-invader science-fiction craze.

(I’d say nothing this knowingly silly could get on the radio today, but have you heard Young Money’s “Bedrock”?

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) Chances are you first heard it courtesy of a record played to you by your parents; it’s how I and generations’ worth of other kids learned that songs didn’t just have to be about everyday things, they could be about totally awesome stuff like monsters and aliens. The title of this darkly psychedelic 1968 opus by the Pink Floyd (they still used the “the” occasionally back then, kinda like Batman in the ’90s) contains the key for unlocking its whole message.

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