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Dasmariñas, officially the City of Dasmariñas (often shortened to Dasma; Filipino: Lungsod ng Dasmariñas), is the largest city, both in terms of area and population in the province of Cavite, Philippines.It is located approximately 27 kilometres (17 mi) south of Manila.As of 2015, Dasmariñas is now the largest component city and the 12th largest city in the country in terms of population with 659,019 people.The growing congestion and outward urban expansion of the Metropolitan Manila Area has set up a favorable atmosphere for the development of the city.Dasmariñas literally means "from As Mariñas" (coastal region of Lugo combining the comarcas of A Mariña Occidental, A Mariña Central and A Mariña Oriental), coming itself from mariño ("of the coast, seaside or shore" in the Galician language, the native tongue from Viveiro Galicia, Spain), and this from mar ("sea").

After thorough discussions, the Gobierno Civil Superior of the Islands approved the creation of the new town on May 12, 1864 with Don Juan Ramirez elected as gobernadorcillo (town head).

An ensemble of nipa houses in the other barrios of the hacienda like Malinta, Nancaan, Salacay, Paliparan, Malagasang and Salitran were grouped and migrated into a reduccion (reduction) in Tampus in 1866.

This inevitable growth is manifested by the influx of industries,the presence of large educational and health institutions, and the growing number of subdivisions elevating its economy.

Dasmariñas was named after Gómez Pérez Dasmariñas, the 7th Spanish governor-general of the Philippines who served from 1590 to 1593.

After his death, his son Luis Pérez Dasmariñas became the governor-general from 1593 to 1596.

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Pérez Dasmariñas came from San Miguel das Negradas, Viveiro, Galicia, Spain.

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