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How to backup bios before updating private dating websites

You should visit the Microsoft web site for information on how to back up your files to an external storage device and temporarily disabling the antivirus programs during the installation.If you have specific questions about what to do before installing SP2, you should go to search for “ HP and Microsoft recommend that you use the automatic Windows Update function.The Windows Update function checks the PC for installed components and software, and then downloads only the required drivers and software.Windows Update also provides you with information if the PC has known software or hardware compatibility issues.The manual installation of SP2 bypasses the software validation and correction process, and you may encounter problems as a result of drivers that have not been updated to work correctly with SP2.To install SP2 using Windows Update, do the following: After the update is complete, when you logon to the computer you will see a message stating that the update to Vista Service Pack 2 was successful, or that there was a specific problem that prevented the update.

See HP Notebook PCs - Precautions to Take Before Updating to Vista Service Pack 1 for additional information about SP1.

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 is available through the Windows Update function.

Installing the Windows Vista Service Pack 2 What to do before installing SP2 Check for known issues Create the OS Recovery discs Apply BIOS updates and all HP driver patches and updates Scan for viruses Backup your data Remove all unnecessary files and defrag the hard drive Disable antivirus software Recovery scenarios for different operating systems See Also This document will provide a general overview of what you should do to prepare your computer for an update to Vista Service Pack 2.

You may want to view other documents to learn how to perform the recommended tasks.

The Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) is a collection of the latest enhancements and improvements in the Vista operating system.

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SP2 is a free update and you are encouraged to install it to keep your computer operating efficiently.

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