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There isn’t any boygroup/girlgroup in the western music scene that has such a high standard of music and performing as K-pop groups have.I mentioned “performing” on purpose because, honestly, where else do you have this knife-like choreographies?Where else do you get such high-quality dance practice videos from your idols?Where else do you have this absolutely brilliant music show system, that allows the artists to promote their songs at a regular basis and gives the fans so, so many live performances of their latest releases? The biggest evidence we have for that is the, by now really annoying, comparision every korean boygroup needs to make with One Direction.

People laugh about K-Pop if they see, watch or hear it for the first time and all I got to say about it by now is that they should just name me ONE western artist who’s on the level of a “regular” K-Pop star.

By that I mean, going to music shows each day when you promote, perform your song about three, four times, singing live while dancing to a choreography of the highest level, making radio interviews, then singing live on radio shows again, filming for a drama, then coming home to the dorms, practicing and revise your stuff, maybe even preparing for a variety show or for being a MC, etc. I’ve grown proud of K-Pop but I really think we are allowed to by now.

I have a very strong opinion about K-pop and I need to get it out or I feel like I’ll otherwise explode out of feels.“Dazed” just released an article about Exo and entitled them “the biggest boyband in the world”.

This article made me reminiscence back to the days as I watched my very first K-Pop videos and how I was utterly and completely snatched that pop music indeed could be that good.

No, it’s just not good, K-Pop are honestly bringing out the best of pop music, aiming further and further to perfection.

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There’s no one doing pop music as good as south korea is doing right now. Of course you can argue about the taste but just look around.

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