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It came at a moment when I was questioning myself and what I was doing. It is something like your mail gave me some reassurance I was on the right path, reassurance I never received from my own family perhaps.Your mail reminded me I have to follow my own feelings, follow my own heart in whatever I do. Anyhow, I am going to assume that I can use your name and email on my site till you tell me otherwise. First, I don't believe you need any kind of contract at all.Kids need understanding, love, respect, something to do and learn which is of interest to them. A teacher who loves children, but doesn't patronize them. I teach English here in South America and the students want to come to my classes, and I don't use any contracts.Dear Steve, I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how invaluable your website is to me.I am a new teacher struggling to teach students who are failing their regular math class.I am teaching a "connections" class which means they come to my class in addition to their regular class. They are failing one class and now they have to take it TWICE!My goal is to provide them with opportunities to take ownership of their grade and their ability to learn math.In order to do so, I was planning on writing "contracts" between myself and the students to allow them freedom and ownership.

I visited a few other websites and attempted to create a contract.

I would love any feedback, comments (and even ridicule if needed haha) on my attempt. Sharon Brooks Jonesboro Middle School UNIT (Binary attachment) Hi Sharon, Thanks for your email.

To me, these are exactly the kinds of words I am strongly opposed to.

They can, and will, be used in arbitrary, subjective ways.

They represent a very power-based relationship, not a model of any kind of equallity or respect for individual needs and talents.

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They are also exactly the kinds of words which are typical of people who have a strong need to control others.

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