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In continental Europe, pre-Celtic languages of the European Bronze Age may be taken to comprise two distinct groups.It has been suggested that results of large-scale genetic surveys, undertaken since the late 20th century, cast serious doubt on the belief that the present-day speakers of pre-Indo-European languages represent relict populations.For instance, Basques show a dominance of the Y-DNA Haplogroup R1b, Moreover, it is a truism that the composition of any particular normative racial, linguistic group and/or material culture may represent an anthropological "Ship of Theseus": the links between members of such groups (e.g.DNA, language and artifacts) may vary to a significant degree over time.A simplified map of archaeological cultures of the late Bronze Age (c.1200 BC): Terramare culture (blue), central Urnfield culture (red), northern Urnfield culture (orange), Lusatian culture (purple), Knovíz culture (central blue), Danubian culture (brown), Atlantic Bronze Age (green), Nordic Bronze Age (yellow).In the later Celtic areas there were many disparate archaeological cultures.

The area involved is that of the maximum extent of the Celtic languages in about the mid 1st century BC.

The extent to which Celtic language, culture and genetics coincided and interacted during this period remains very uncertain and controversial.

Proto-Celtic is mainly dated to approximately 800 BC, coincident with the Hallstatt culture, while the earliest divergence of pre-Celtic from Proto-Indo-European is mainly dated to between 3000 BC and 2000 BC.

In Ireland the Book of Invasions gives a legendary account of the arrival of incoming peoples.

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