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“The first few weeks of joining Weight Watchers, you’re just finding your feet.” As well as speaking quickly, Carr does something else which I didn’t notice him doing when I last interviewed him six years ago. No friends and family coming along.’’ Can he remember any of his early jokes? There was only one way out.” His background was indeed middle class.He laughs easily, a double beat that fades away into an upper register: Ha-haaah! “I started out deliberately deadpan, but now I do laugh more. “Um, yeah, there was this one where I said: You hear about boxers saying ‘I’m from the ghetto and there was only one way out’. His father, from whom he is now estranged, was an accountant in Slough. But you can’t stay grumpy when you have to think of jokes each day.When I look back at my old DVDs, I seem quite uptight.” Certainly he seems happier; more comfortable in his own skin. His parents separated in 1994 and his mother died in 2001 from pancreatitis, a loss which affected him deeply. “This is my free therapy, talking about myself to you. Joke mining.” It occurs to me that this “mining for jokes” may still be a form of therapy.That and the constant touring he does of his live show.He tells me he has developed a comedy wiggle of his black eyebrows as a way of acknowledging fans who stare at him, without having to actually stop for a chat when he is trying to catch a train or get to a meeting.“You never want to be the grumpy guy, although I do have quite a grumpy face,” he says.“So I raise my eyebrows like this.” He demonstrates.

“Then the lift door opened.” Carr tells anecdotes almost as succinctly as he tells jokes, talking quickly and using the f-word in the casual way that others use dashes and semi colons. Now, I’m paid to have funny thoughts, which was all I ever wanted.” His meltdown came after he graduated from Cambridge and drifted into a job in marketing that he loathed.

“I like to write a joke without any fat on it,” he says. I cater for people with ADD, basically.” He certainly employs a lot of these short jokes in his live shows. One from his new DVD gives a flavour of his comic voice. He gave up work, had therapy, renounced his Catholicism, lost his virginity and decided to become a comedian. I didn’t let anyone know I was doing it for the first six months.

Sitting opposite me in a dimly lit bar in north London is a 39-year-old comedian whose appearance – black hair, black eyes, black top – seems to reflect his humour.

Combined with his baby face, he reckons, this impression of blackness makes him look like a “Lego Hitler”.

And it amuses him to tell people that when his girlfriend Karoline Copping, a television producer, first met him 10 years ago, she thought he had “the eyes of a rapist”.

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The eyes may be one reason why passers-by give Jimmy Carr a double take, but more likely it is to do with his ubiquity – from guest appearances on BBC shows such as QI and Have I Got News For You to the shows he hosts on Channel 4: 8 Out of 10 Cats and 10 O’Clock Live.

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