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Eyewitness Dorian Johnson, who was walking down the street with Mike Brown described the shooting of his friend in graphic detail. Until last week, most of us had probably never heard of the town of Ferguson. Many of us were puzzled to learn that Ferguson has a majority black population, but has a white Republican mayor, an almost all white city council, and a police force with 47 white officers and only three black officers, headed by a white police chief, Thomas Jackson. Part of the answer is that the racial demographics of Ferguson have shifted quite rapidly.Due to the death of Michael Brown, and the unprecedented display of police force, with Ferguson resembling a war zone—force leveled against a community protesting and demanding answers—the town is now part of the map of our minds and our hearts. In 1990, the town was 73.8 percent white, and blacks were 25.1 percent.By the 2010 census, those numbers flipped and the town was 29.3 percent white, 67.4 percent black, with about the same number of inhabitants.

Missouri then became the center of a firestorm between pro-slavery and abolition forces as the site of the legal battles of Dred Scott—cases fought in the Missouri courts that would end in a racist decision by the U. Supreme Court—"in which the Court held that African Americans, whether slave or free, could not be American citizens and therefore had no standing to sue in federal court, and that the federal government had no power to regulate slavery in the federal territories acquired after the creation of the United States."Though slavery is thought, by some, to be mild in Missouri, when compared with the cotton, sugar and rice growing states, yet no part of our slave-holding country is more noted for the barbarity of its inhabitants than St. Many feared the Reconstruction and the absence of U. troops would eliminate their rights or, worse yet, return them to slavery.

The KKK gave added impetus to fear for safety and life.

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Since Saturday, August 9, 2014, when a young unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, was shot and killed by a policeman in the town of Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St.

Louis, the national spotlight has been on the Show Me State.

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"Show me" now means show the world black hands are in the air—and we will still be shot down in cold blood.

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