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Accounting Terms & Definitions Accounting for Merchandising Activities Debits and Credits (Double Entry Accounting) Business Valuation Formulas Time Value of Money & Present/Future Values Complex Debt & Equity Instruments Common Stock & Shareholder's Equity Accounting & Finance Ratios Valuing Common Stock Corporate Income Taxes Lower of Cost or Market (LCM) & Inventory Valuation Chart of Accounts & Bookkeeping Bonds Payable & Long Term Liabilities Capital Assets GAAP, Accrual & Cash Accounting, Information Commodity, Internal Controls & Materiality Share Issue Costs: The expenditures include registration fees, underwriter commissions, legal and accounting fees, printing costs, clerical costs and promotional costs are called ‘Shares issue Costs’.

The corporation acquired and retired 10,000 shares at a price of $6.25 per share.

The shareholder who sold these shares back to Fresco had originally paid $4 per share.

In these transactions, the company deals directly with the shareholder.

However, a company can buy back any of its shares, preferred or common, at any time, if they are offered for sales.

Such a sales can be a private transaction, or a public transaction.

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Reasons for Shares Retirement: - Increase Earning Per Share - Provide cash flow to shareholders in lieu of dividends - Acquire shares when they appear to be undervalued - Buy out one or more particular shareholders and to thwart takeover bids - Reduce future dividends payments by reducing the shares outstanding Retirement Accounting Rules: When shares are purchased and immediately retired, all capital items relating to the specific shares are removed from the accounts.

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