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No more struggling to get the car when it’s dark or cold or wet outside, either.

The pros can still beat it, but most car thieves are not pros. So long as it’s somewhere in your pocket or purse, you’re good to go.

The fob will transmit the “ok” code to the car’s computer, allowing you to push the starter button and be on your way.

At least, not a traditional physical key that goes into an ignition switch that you then turn to start the engine.

Instead, you get a transmitter fob – carried in your pocket or purse – and there’s a button you push on the dash to start the engine.

Some of these buttons don’t even require that you press them continuously until the engine starts. Forget about reaching under the dash and cutting a couple of wires, then splicing them together (or, if you had an old Ford, running a wire from the remote-mounted starter solenoid right there under the hood to the car’s battery).

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