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Over the past six months, several environmental health officers have contacted the HPA about the dangers of fish pedicures, leading to the present investigation, which hopes to discover whether fish spa pedicures spread infections. But salons are defending their practices by pointing out that diseases don’t stand a chance in their UV-lit, filtered tanks.Quoting an HPA agency member, BBC News reports: If commercial fish pedicures are banned, the UK would be following the lead of 14 U. And their position is buffered by the little fact that there are as yet no known cases—at least to the HPA’s knowledge—of fish-spa-induced infections in the UK.

(Point to A Bug's Life and Cars, ye cantankerous cynics.

Both films only suffer by comparison to their greater Pixar brethren.) Even deeper down, I squash any and every expectation that begins to take form.

As they struggle to stay together while coping with the chaos, the gang meet a new bunch of toys led by pink teddy bear Lotso, while Barbie is at last united with her male counterpart, Ken.

The yearning to return home cannot be ignored, however, and many comical adventures ensue as the toys make a series of elaborate escape attempts.

For more about Toy Story 3 and the Toy Story 3 Blu-ray release, see Toy Story 3 Blu-ray Review published by It's strange: with each passing Pixar release, I walk into the theater without trepidation or expectation.

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