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There were housewives who after raising their kids, and now in their late thirties or early forties had decided to start a career, by stumbling blindly into the business world.A world that still looked at a beautiful woman as an easier way to get their product in front of buying committees that were usually manned by men. The gorgeous and expensive call girls who made the circuit of only the best hotels in Chicago.And they were all here for the start of the winter convention season.Click here if you want to see the video brutal rape He was thirty two years old and in his prime, not only as the top salesman in the country, working for a corporation that employed almost seven thousand salespeople, but also as a particularly eligible young bachelor.My Mothers Secret It was twenty three years ago that this horrid mess began. A cool September evening, dressed in the bright light of an almost full moon, and the unforgiving wind off the lake.

All the regional managers would worship at his feet and quietly imply when they got him alone that "If you were in my part of the country, we would show you how well we treat a salesman like you", with a wink and a nod.

He came into Chi town early on Sunday from Atlanta to get the lay of the land prior to the national sales convention starting on Monday morning.

The scent of beautiful women, with that perfumed hair, piled high on top of their heads, and their expensive black cocktail dresses.

There were always plenty of them at the Hyatt on the Lake.

They were traveling secretaries, and want-to-be CEOs.

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