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If you omit the path, Sch assumes that the file is in the Systemroot\System32 directory. Valid values are MINUTE, HOURLY, DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, ONCE, ONSTART, ONLOGON, ONIDLE./momodifier: Specifies how often the task runs within its schedule type. This parameter is valid, but optional, for a MINUTE, HOURLY, DAILY, or WEEKLY schedule. A value of MON - SUN is required when the FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH, or LAST modifier (/mo) is used.A value of 1 - 31 is optional and is valid only with no modifier or a modifier of the 1 - 12 type.The default is day 1 (the first day of the month)./mmonth[,month...] : Specifies a month of the year. The /m parameter is valid only with a MONTHLY schedule. Otherwise, it is optional and the default value is * (every month).Schedules commands and programs to run periodically or at a specific time.

/st Start Time: Specifies the time of day that the task starts in HH: MM: SS 24-hour format.

The default value is the current local time when the command completes.

The /st parameter is valid with MINUTE, HOURLY, DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, and ONCE schedules. /sd Start Date: Specifies the date that the task starts in MM/DD/YYYY format. The /sd parameter is valid with all schedules, and is required for a ONCE schedule.

/ed End Date: Specifies the last date that the task is scheduled to run. It is not valid in a ONCE, ONSTART, ONLOGON, or ONIDLE schedule. /s Computer: Specifies the name or IP address of a remote computer (with or without backslashes). /u [domain\]user: Runs the command with the permissions of the specified user account.

By default, the command runs with the permissions of the user logged on to the computer running Sch Tasks.

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