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But there is no excuse for a message like "C U 4 drnks l8r. " Is that the phonetic equivalent of the bleeps and blurbs that R2D2 makes when trying to stop the empire with C-3PO?Yeah, sure, we get what it means, but it just says that the sender is too lazy to spell out a whole word. How is Pat Sajack going to earn his salary if people aren't paying $250 for an A, E, I, O, U and sometimes a Y?If it's important enough to say, it's important enough that you include all the letters. The Double Down: This is the worst physical sensation in the world.Text messaging is one of the greatest advances in communication since, well, the telephone and email. It is a simple question with an easy, uncomplicated response. See you at 8," is the correct response if it comes promptly.That said, it's still a fledgling medium and some people need to learn how to use it without being a total jackass. The first is short, essential information that doesn't merit a phone call, but is great to have on hand. It relays the information without any flourish and closes off the communication with the next step—a face to face meeting at 8 (hopefully with some additional fun around ). It is the kind of communique that teens are so found of and of which "sexting"—a deplorable word for a sometimes pleasurable experience—is a subset: That sort of short, slow, and easy back-and-forth throughout the day by two parties trying to keep in touch without urgency or direction.These sorts of electronic repartees are much harder to regulate, but some of the basic rules apply.Recently we learned that teens are scientifically addicted to texting and that it makes them total momma's babies.Texting is about making life simpler, not wasting time and five characters.

The same thing goes for, "She's probably in a meeting/driving home from work/at a funeral so I'll just send her a text and she can respond when she gets a chance." No, silly, that is what email is for.

If it's not urgent enough for a call or a text and you don't need a response right away, log onto your AOL account and send an email. The Abbreviator: Yes, typing on a phone—especially one without a QWERTY keyboard or predictive text software—can be really annoying and time consuming.

But adults like to text too, and some of them do it very badly.

There are some behaviors, not only in the messages themselves but also in when and where they are sent, that are completely inexcusable and totally annoying.

The Hello Dolly: There is nothing more annoying that someone whose initial message is just, "Hello." What this says is, "I want to talk to you, but I can't be bothered to think up a question nor is the conversation going to go in any direction. Then the pressure is on the receiver to come up with a question of their own unless they just write back, "Hi." Now two messages in your monthly text message allotment was wasted on something completely meaningless because then the initial party has to follow up with something of substance to keep the conversation flowing.

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