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Almost an entire year has passed since we revealed You Porn’s Top 10: Best Porn Videos of 2013, and as 2014 draws to an end, You Porn’s Top 10: Best Porn Videos of 2014 draws ever closer.If you just can’t wait to see what hot, hardcore porn videos have been getting people off at records numbers in 2014, you can always sneak a peak at the most viewed porn videos this year, or simply set your sights on You Porn’s Top 10: Anal Sex Videos: 10.Girl Twists Like a Pretzel During Anal Sex There you have it, You Porn’s Top 10: Anal Sex Videos.Which of the big, bodacious booties featured in the above videos is your favorite?

(PS Yasi likes it in a black and I like it in this color, but I’d happily accept the gray one as a free gift also). This partially-sheer-polka-dot-frock that Jenna Lyons wore to the Vanity Fair Oscar party is a little bit sister wife-y and a whole lot of “Fuck It.” On this particular day I like to think that Jenna rolled out of bed with girlfriend Courtney Crangi, reached for her contact solution in her bedside table but got sidetracked when she accidentally knocked over a dildo, then “cuddled” an extra fifteen minutes before throwing on this outfit instead of the crisp white denim pantsuit (that she would wear mostly unbuttoned), and which she’d strategically picked out to coordinate with Courtney’s black one. You guys might think that Kim Kardashian’s skintight maternity wear is the antithesis of “Fuck It.” You should know that you’re wrong. Miley Cyrus has been saying “Fuck It” for a minute now.

The fact that Kim will cling to all things body con until the time has arrived to breastfeed her newborn child through the cutout in that bedazzled blue tube dress is pretty bad ass. But just when I didn’t know there was any more fucking of the Disney system to be done, she goes and dyes her hair blue, then says it isn’t blue, and that it is, in fact, platinum.

Did your favorite anal sex video not make it into the top 10 list?

Today in Trying-To-Reach-Our-Fashion-Quota-But-Not-Really-Knowing-Anything-About-Fashion, we bring you this “comprehensive” list of 10 semi-fashion-y things we found on the Internet, that epitomize the spirit of not-giving-a-fuck-ness, in no particular order. You guys, I try really hard not to talk about Rihanna. Today’s final and proudest “Fuck It” fashion moment is brought to you by our very own HBIC, Yasi Salek, who drank her way through Paris Fashion Week wearing nothing but a modest rotation of band t-shirts, vintage flannels, and this one green clutch that was gifted to her by a fancy fashion person.

Like, almost as hard as I try not to talk about Lena Dunham’s naked body.

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These two subjects are just way too heady and emotional for me to touch on in any casual capacity.

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