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Updating my cv when liquidating stocks are commissions due

Periodically, you need to update your CV to reflect new work experience, recently achieved qualifications and other changes.Employers’ Jobs believe you should do this before every job application.Potential new employers are more likely to be impressed by a fuller career profile.You might not be granted a job interview if you fail to update your CV before applying.

A record of one’s personal data, educational accomplishments, and work history is by its very nature a spiritual document, a record of my time on earth.

I looked at it longer than I needed to – certainly longer than the Swiss bureaucrat will – and I’m still not sure what to think. I can see my parents looking hard and long at the CV, and I can hear them say, as they used to say quite often, “Doug, if you had only applied yourself, you could have done better.” Overall I think I have applied myself, but after all these years I find myself wondering what, if anything, I have accomplished with my life. Have I made full use of the gifts God has given me? I plan to answer this question for myself in my own way.

I didn’t expect I would have to do it again so soon and, frankly, I had hoped never to do it again. But there I was yesterday staring at the computer screen with all of the accomplishments of my life in front of me. Beyond a change of address, I wasn’t sure there would be any other editing to do, but I found myself adding international church experience, still-far-from-fluent status in another language, and – oh yes – another book.

(Sorry, still too soon for pre-orders.) Members of the church in Zürich will want to know that I am looking for another job.

As a matter of fact, I would prefer never to have another job interview, which for me is in the same category as standardized tests. I updated my CV yesterday because the Swiss are compulsive record keepers. Or they are trying to provide jobs in local government. My CV was required as part of my application for an extension to my work permit.

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