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# dnf install nvidia-driver dkms-nvidia Dependencies resolved.================================================================================ Package Arch Version Repository Size ================================================================================ Installing: dkms-nvidia x86_64 7.27-1.fc24 fedora-nvidia 6.1 M libglvnd i686 0.1.0-3.8277115.fc24 fedora-nvidia 209 k libglvnd x86_64 0.1.0-3.8277115.fc24 fedora-nvidia 206 k libva-vdpau-driver x86_64 0.7.4-14.fc24 fedora 61 k libvdpau i686 1.1.1-3.fc24 fedora 35 k nvidia-driver x86_64 7.27-1.fc24 fedora-nvidia 3.1 M nvidia-driver-libs i686 7.27-1.fc24 fedora-nvidia 16 M nvidia-driver-libs x86_64 7.27-1.fc24 fedora-nvidia 14 M nvidia-lib XNVCtrl x86_64 7.27-1.fc24 fedora-nvidia 25 k nvidia-settings x86_64 7.27-1.fc24 fedora-nvidia 939 k Transaction Summary ================================================================================ Install 10 Packages Total download size: 40 M Installed size: 174 M Is this ok [y/N]:.All packages have Epoch set to 2; so they should never be upgraded on your system when you enable this repository along the RPMFusion or ELRepo ones.Here is a list of all the “differences” from the various Nvidia driver packages that I was able to spot on the web.module has been disabled by default for various reasons.First of all, Wayland support in the drivers require a patched Wayland which has been refused upstream, and then the driver itself does not expose an FB driver for the console, so you won’t see any difference in the terminal output, you will still be limited to VGA.There is a proposal for sorting everything out at XDC 2016 for hardware vendors that require to expose extensions for the drivers.

First of all the packaging is a lot simplified; more stuff is compiled from source, smaller packages and more options.

This packages try to comply as maximum to the Fedora Packaging Guidelines; which means they have debuginfo packages, default Fedora’s GCC compile time options (where possible) and standard locations for binaries, data and docs.

The Wayland libraries are still included in the Fedora builds, as all the dependencies are there but they are not used.

On Cent OS/RHEL 7 pacakges, they are not included as this would result in missing dependencies.

Here is a rundown of Nvidia supported drivers and options split by distribution.

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