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Updating uboot Srbija cam sex online

The main reason for updating is that you can save the settings to SPI, which with stock u Boot won’t work. Yes, there is always a chance that the image you’re flashing is corrupt and therefore will flash a corrupt u Boot image into flash.I also don’t take any credit if you kill your device flashing a wrong or corrupted u Boot onto it, the instructions are “as is” and are known to work, at least on my NS2 and some other people I’ve flashed this onto it.Also note that it’s not recommended to flash it using Clunc, as Clunc uses LUMP signals which do not work at first boot time (it can work, but you need to modify the u Boot image for it).Ok, so no I’ve warned you, we can start building u Boot for your NS2.If no errors occur during this step the upgrade has been performed successfully!Now give the NS2 a reset and u Boot will be reloaded with the new version: 4.Boot parameters Now that u Boot has been upgraded there are alot of things regarding boot that can be done.The standard u Boot on the Network Space 2 (and other La Cie NAS devices) is flashed in such way that you cannot modify it’s boot parameters.

To do this, you need to boot differently than La Cie does and that’s what updating is for.

Also it’s possible to boot from USB and load the u Image off a ext2 partition, loading kernel images via TFTP and such options.

Note that there is a precompiled version ready for download in my Downloads section, but if you want to modify some options this building guide is useful.

Prerequisites You need to have the ARM toolchain ready on your computer and have the environment variables set for them (see my earlier posts on how to accomplish this).

Also you need git installed for the following procedures to work.

Search for updating uboot:

updating uboot-63

Also it’s wise to gain root access on the machine you’re building on. Get and build u Boot Open a terminal, gain root access and do the following: Answer no to start with a clean set of u Boot parameters (more flexibility).

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