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To do this, I updated the to have a Validation Behavior variable and a Validate() method.This way, the validation can be passed off to the validation behavior while still allowing the object to appear as if it were a "Smart" object that knows how to validate itself: Notice that we also have the method Set Validation Behavior().This method allows us to determine at runtime which set of validation logic will be used to validate our objects.This logic might need to change depending on the current user or touch-point in the application and so, we can swap one behavior out for another as we see fit.

In this go-round, implementation simply meant taking the validation logic out of the beans and putting it into the individual behaviors.

Here is the Clothing Validation.cfc: As you can see, I didn't really change this logic in any way from the previous post.

The Validate() method, then passes the bean's instance data off to the Validate() method of the valdiation behavior instance.

Once I had the concept of a validation behavior, I had to start building the validation behaviors for our and our

To start with, I created a Base which all the Validation behaviors would extend: While I am not really taking much advantage of it at the moment, this base validation object could house utility functions that would be common to all validation behaviors.

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