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reward surrounding implementing DNSSEC, both today and in the future, including a look at what steps an enterprise should take. That means any organization that collects login credentials, financial information, classified data, intellectual property or privacy data.Typical industries that cyber criminals are looking to spoof include financials, e-commerce, Internet infrastructure providers and social networking.Another major target is sites with high amounts of web traffic, as defined by Alexa rankings for top sites on the Web.

DNSSEC introduces digital signatures into the DNS infrastructure and is designed to automatically ensure that users are not hijacked en route and taken to an unintended destination.

So the question is, do you implement DNSSEC now, or wait? The reality for most organizations is that you need to get your enterprise ready for DNSSEC today, but wait to enable it until key infrastructure vendors are fully functional with DNSSEC, and the rest of the industry is prepared.

In this final entry in my three-part series on DNSSEC deployment, I will focus on the risk vs. Since implementing DNSSEC is a potentially costly, time and resource-consuming endeavor, only those enterprises that stand to lose the most from a cache poisoning attack should be looking to DNSSEC today.

Bottom line, if you don’t have a large amount of online users or process Internet cash transactions, chances are cyber criminals are not looking to target your organization for cache-poisoning attacks. DNSSEC Risky for Enterprises Today Infrastructure vendors at all ends of the DNS spectrum and application vendors are ultimately the ones that need to adopt and support DNSSEC for it to be readily usable by all.

Enterprises are largely at the mercy of the Internet ecosystem when it comes to how DNSSEC will ultimately work and benefit them.

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