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Vegan online dating service dating site in ontario canada

Nerdiness, openness about vegetarianism, and enjoying movies are all plusses. I have also read some of Krishnamurti's teachings as well, although I don't necessarily agree with everything in his books.I enjoy life on my own, but would love to meet my best friend and partner to share life with. I'm always working at growing and learning more about myself and the world. Over eating is also to be avoided and considered to be very harmful to the body.

I enjoy walking on the seashore, through woodland and by streams, listening to birdsong, watching sunsets. Likes: Fitness, healthy cooking, nutrition, intelligent conversation, snuggling, nights in, giving you mind blowing massages, common sense, acts of kindness, being at least somewhat green/environmentally aware.

Though I'm not committed to any path, I do have pagan and Buddhist leanings. I recently became a Vegan after 34 years as a Vegetarian. I used to be a car enthusiast for many years, but now I'm trying out new things, like switching to raw vegan.

I am seeking like-minded individuals who have a genuine love and respect for all living things.

I enjoy lively conversation and have a slightly irreverent sense of humor. Am currently in a state of transition in my personal life..simply looking for fun and friendship at this time. I'm not entirely a beach person as I like to see the places too, Architecture, Markets, bars.

As much as I love solitude, I also enjoy organizing events with the aim of making people feel special. Also, I have a second wind regarding my house and I'm upgrading it. I do love traveling and have been to quite a few places.

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I have formed a volunteer group that read stories and teach literacy to children as a way to make them feel loved. Not as many as some or as much as I'd like, but I've been to Rio for a month around Carnival time 10 years ago; France a few times including backpacking round Corsica for a month; Germany many times including Berlin 5 times; several other short holidays around Europe; Southern India for 6 weeks 08/09; All over Britain and a few times to Ireland. But I'm a long distance Dad although I did travel to have fun/look after Noel over 40 times in the first 2 years. Taboo opener, Lover of Alternative History, Alternative News, Alternative LIFE. I strive for better world,for unity,love,tolerance and understanding within humanity.

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