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Strauss Gino Robair Mark Jung Eric Rutten Bill Ellsworth Donel Young Peter Stoller Paolo Valladolid Richard Shapiro Jonathan Abbey Johann Haidenbauer Fastian Art Cohen Merryman Michael Ulrich Bomnueter Joshua Fried David Mandl Morgan Fisher Peter Renfro Andrew Cimino Bruce Liebenberg Greg Gunthner Herb Levy Michael Zelner Hal Dean Nick Loebner Geoff Gray Dan Coffey Ville Sinkko David C.Mason Einar Timdal Chris Koenigsberg Rick Brown Jeff Spirer T Neale Rik Gerrits Stanislav Avzan Danilo Campanella Allen Huotari Jonas Vognsen Steve Gore James Douglas Knox Arto Seppala Ross Goodman Henryk Palczewski Gonzalo Patricio Fuentes Burghard Ilge Guillaume Loizillon Matt Weiner Chris Cole Jean-François Masse Quentin Rollet Patrick Boeuf R.

Note: (10) are only available on the ESD 80482 CD pressing.

Note: Lindsay Cooper does not play on the original pressing; she only appears on an edited version of (2) which was recorded in August 1990, and is only available on the 1991 CD reissues (ESD and Re R).

Again, we would really appreciate any comments, corrections and extra infor- mations which could improve the quality of this discography.

Specially, if people could send us information/correction on: ------------------------------------- | DISCOGRAPHY OF FRED FRITH | | June 2015 | |-----------------------------------| | by Michel Ramond | | ([email protected]) | | Patrice Roussel | | ([email protected]) | | 2034 NE 37th Ave.

| | Portland, OR 97212 (USA) | | and Stéphane Vuilleumier | | ([email protected]) | | Strasbourg (France) | ------------------------------------- Malcolm Humes, for his Fred Frith discography on which most of the initial version of this one was based.

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