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Add to that, Carly’s utter distaste for what she views as a family betrayal by Lulu.Things aren’t looking too good right now, and by summer there is plenty more to come!However, it’s not all doom and gloom for the lovebirds.On Wednesday’s air show, Dante and Lulu finally, after many postponements, made love for the very first time in one of the most highly anticipated love making romps in soap history! You see, the young couple, played by Dominic Zamprogna and Daytime Emmy winner, Julie Berman, did the unthinkable to their corrupt family members, who had been covering a murder, and lying to the court system for months.Dante turned in young Michael Corinthos for the murder of the evil Claudia Zacchara.

In fact, a new cupcake was created named A lot of times on soaps, when couples hit the sheets for the first time, it isn’t always “called out” to the audience as such an event. Was it because there was so much ‘interuptus’ along the way?

JULIE: I think this is a little bit longer than the average couple, and it gave the fans time to respond to this couple.

We are really well received, so they decided to make this a big event, and it is a big event for the fans.

MICHAEL: Julie, what happens when your real life husband, and Dominic, your real life wife, decide to watch the episode of the two of you making love? (Laughs) JULIE: You know, if this was a new relationship for me, and if this was a new job for me, then I think this would be a different conversation. He knew what he was getting into when he got involved with an actress, and especially when I started working on .

DOMINIC: I mean, I wouldn’t want to watch it if it were me, but sometimes curiosity gets the better of you. She is a grown up, and she knows it’s part of the job. I don’t think my husband, Mike, has any interest in seeing it. He could ‘You Tube’ it in the next day or so, for all I know. So, this isn’t really anything different, except for the fact the soap itself is talking about it more than some of the other love scenes that I have done.

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